How to Install an Infrared Home Sauna

Given the many benefits of an infrared home sauna, chances are you will want to get one for your home but you might be worried about the sauna installation process. To help you eliminate any concern, we have gathered some useful information that will help you put together your infrared home sauna. Below you will find the steps in installing an infrared home sauna so you will know what to expect.
How to Install an Infrared Home Sauna Picture

Assembling the frame

  • First of all, you will have to assemble the home sauna, which usually comes in pieces. Bear in mind that it’s a heavy unit and you might need assistance from a second person so everything will run smoothly. Most infrared home saunas are made of Canadian Hemlock wood and feature a tongue and groove construction that makes assembly a breeze. If you can install it yourself, you are lucky, but remember that you will have to lift the ceiling panel and put it in place, which could be cumbersome for only one person, so we recommend that you ask someone to help you.
  • Decide where you want to install the sauna and start the process right there so you won’t have to move it. Start with the walls and make sure you secure them properly so the sauna won’t fall and get damaged. After the walls and ceiling are ready, you will have to install the bench and any other interior accessory your sauna might include. The infrared heaters will come on the walls and will require you to secure them in place.

How to Install an Infrared Home Sauna Picture

Handling the electrical parts

  • The electrical components of infrared saunas vary from model to model so you might notice some differences in your model but the main aspects are the same. Usually, the electrical connections of a sauna are snap-plug terminals, quick-disconnect terminals, terminal block with spade terminals, or plug and connector. Every sauna comes with instruction diagrams that will tell you exactly where each terminal goes so you will manage to complete a safe installation.
  • The control panel comes with all the necessary wiring and all you will have to do is connect the wires to their correspondent jack. Each heater must be connected to the control panel, as well as the other accessories like lights or radios. Make sure all the connections are secure so no wire will hang out. Once you are done, you have to connect the sauna to a regular power socket to see if it heats properly and you are ready to enjoy your infrared home sauna.