Safety Tips For Using The Sauna

Saunas are ideal for relaxation, unwinding, and warming up when the cold weather makes an appearance. Also, they are a great place for socializing, even for meeting new people. Among many health benefits, saunas are able to relieve pain, reduce stress, relieve cold symptoms, and improve performance in sports. Of course, to be able to enjoy the benefits provided by the sauna, you must use it in a safe manner. If you want to learn some useful safety tips for using the sauna, continue to read this article.
Safety Tips For Using The Sauna Picture

Drink water before entering the sauna

You must drink 2-4 glasses of water before entering the sauna. The sauna causes your body to sweat and thus lose water. Therefore, it’s vital that you stay hydrated. If you don’t drink the necessary amount of water before entering the sauna, you might get dehydrated. Also, avoid drinking alcohol before using the sauna because it dehydrates the body.

Sit on a clean towel

Always bring a clean, cotton towel with you when you use the sauna, and use it to sit on. This will keep you clean, and protect the bench from your body oils as well. Make sure that the towel you bring in with you is dry and clean.

Limit the sauna session to a maximum of 20 minutes

It’s mandatory that you limit your sauna session to a maximum of 20 minutes, no matter how accustomed you get to using it. Our bodies are not made to withstand the high temperatures that we expose them to when we’re in the sauna. In case you start feeling uncomfortable during the sauna session, get out immediately.

Keep the sauna clean to prevent the build-up of bacteria

For your safety, make sure that you keep the sauna clean to prevent the build-up and spread of bacteria. If you have a home sauna, clean it once a week using a natural cleaning product. Vacuum the sauna to get rid of hair, dust, and dead skin cells. Wipe the benches and backrests with white vinegar to disinfect the sauna. Last but not least, use baking soda to get stubborn stains out.