Sauna Maintenance Tips

A sauna is a big investment that you surely want to keep in a great shape for a long time. To be able to enjoy relaxing sauna sessions for as long as possible, you must take proper care of the sauna. In the following lines, we will give you some great sauna maintenance tips that will help you preserve the sauna in a great shape for a long time. Therefore, continue to read if you are interested.
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Steam sauna maintenance tips

Before you use the steam sauna for the first time, you must ensure the wood will seal in the steam. For this, you must vacuum the walls, the benches, and the floor in order to remove wood shavings and splinters. Apply a coating of a specially-developed sealant that you purchase from any sauna dealer. This sealant will protect all the cedar in the sauna from changing color, and allow it to dry thoroughly. Using a damp cloth, wipe over all the wood surfaces in the sauna. Also, make sure that you wash all the sauna rocks before putting them in the rock heater.

Place the rocks in the sauna heater loosely. This will provide airflow around them. Make sure that you remove the plastic packaging and covers from the rock heater before turning it on. Afterward, check all the electrical connections for integrity. Turn the heater on for about half an hour to clean off the heater elements. If any smoke and odor are released during this test period, don’t panic because it will dissipate fast. Also, pay attention to the heater’s safety settings. The rocks in the steam sauna are heated from the bottom to the top of the heater. If you pack them in too tightly, the heated air will set off the heater’s temperature safety switch. In case this happens, turn off the heater and allow it to cool.

To cure the sauna, you must turn on the sauna heater for an hour at maximum temperature, and keep the door closed during this period of time. While the curing process is in progress, no one must enter the sauna. After 45 minutes, the rocks will reach full temperature. Open the door and pour water very slowly on the heated rocks to sterilize them with steam.

To care for the steam sauna as it is used, you must use a thick terrycloth towel on every bench for comfort and absorb perspiration oils and salts. Make sure that you wash these towels at least once per week. Mop the floor with an all-purpose cleaner and water to remove steam marks and water. Wash the benches with liquid detergent and water on a regular basis.

Infrared sauna maintenance tips

Infrared saunas use infrared heat instead of steam or air. They require minimal maintenance and cleaning. However, in order to prolong the life of your infrared sauna and to maximize your enjoyment when you use it, there are some essential infrared sauna care steps that you must follow.

The most important initial step towards ensuring proper care for the infrared sauna is to ensure correct installation. Improper installation will increase the chances of malfunction or incidents while using the infrared sauna. Therefore, it’s best to pay a professional to do this task for you.

An infrared sauna is a heavy-duty appliance. Therefore, it requires an electric outlet that doesn’t provide power to other appliances. It’s recommended that you use a GFCI device for the sauna.

Make sure that you never use the infrared sauna for more than 2 hours at a stretch. After 2 hours of use, it’s recommended that you turn off the sauna at least an hour before using it again. After every session, remember to leave the sauna open for some time to ensure proper drying.

To prevent damage to the wood due to sweat and body oils, use thick towels to sit on. Place these towels on the benches of the sauna for them to absorb the sweat and body oils, preventing them from penetrating the wood.

Once per week, make sure that you wipe the interior of the infrared sauna to minimize the build-up of dirt. Sweep the floor with a soft broom. Also, use a soft cloth dipped in a solution made of mild soap and water to wipe the benches, walls, and the other interior surfaces of the sauna.

To prevent damage to the infrared heat tube, make sure that you keep it away from moisture. When you clean the area around the tube, use as little water as possible, and ensure prompt drying.

Last but not least, when you clean the interior of the sauna, make sure that you avoid using cleaners that contain strong chemicals. Otherwise, you will damage the wood and the toxic gasses will be eliminated in the air when the sauna will be in operation.